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Best happy hours in Paris

16 December 2016 | #, ,

So you want to go out with friends or with co-workers. It’s either the holidays and you are in Paris as a tourist, or it’s the end of the workday…


In either case, you are looking for a nice bar to have a beer. But you don’t want to spend a fortune on a drink. So one of your friends says «let’s find a happy hour!!” Great idea. But where and when to go, that is the question … To save you time and money here is a list of the best Happy hours of Paris. You’ll find some innovative and quirky bars, to have a cheap pint of beer in a great place. Wherever you are in the French Capital, you will find the right place to drink and relax with friends.

British style Pop-rock bar 11th arrondissement

If you love the Pop-Rock ambiance, you’ll spent long evenings in the Pop In. The lounge has a British touch that you’ll love. It is full of pop music charm. Then you’ll take the stairs to the stage where amazing concerts take place most evenings. Meet up and coming rock bands on a Parisian scene and enjoy you beer with friends.
Happy Hour: Week End, Guinness Beer at 4€

A garden bar in the 15th arrondissement

The 3 Ducks bar is a hostel and a bar open to the public. You can have a glass of wine or a beer until late at night. Inside the bar seated on the terrace, it’s you choice! Either way you will stay connected thanks to the free Wi-Fi available.
Happy Hour: Every day from 11am to 2am, Stella at 4.5€

Authentic bar in the Marais – 4th arrondissement

A small bar, where to take a beer in a pleasant and intimate setting. It’s al that the Piment Café. I love the stone wall, it gives the bar a very genuine charm. The Staff is always available and smiling, that adds to the success of the evening spent there. You should be there early (the bar is filling up very quickly)

Happy Hour: Every day from 6pm to 9pm, beer at 3.50€

New original concept – 10th arrondissement

I really recommend you to try this new tasting and drinking experience at Au fût et à mesure. The concept is very simple and nevertheless very special: A few beer barrels are waiting for you directly on the tables. You have to take you glass, and you serve yourself the drink you want. It allows you to meet other people (the beer you want can be at another table). A self-service bar, with a very nice ambiance

Happy Hour: Every day from 6pm to 8pm, beer at 6€

Keep this list on hand, and I can assure you that you’ll thank me. You will be very happy to find a Happy Hour in an original bar nearby, when you’ll need one. Hoping that you will have a nice stay in one of those bars!

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