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23 November 2017 | #, , , , ,

Have you ever noticed some of the particularly intricate colorful graffiti art on the walls, bridges and tunnels of Paris?

Ever wondered what was the story behind these murals or tags?

Take a break from the more typical tourist’s destinations and delve into the background of Paris’ hip-hop culture, graffiti artwork, hip-hop dancing and DJ music in this innovative tour with dedicated locals and professionals of the trade to guide you. Background is the project’s name and its goal is to provide an alternative tourism, via immersion and encounters with these unusual artist’s worlds.

The tours are divided into three groups within the universe of Hip-Hop; graffiti “writers”, dancers and musicians. The tours can be reserved, in advance in English, directly on their web site.

These three-hour tours which, for a price range around 50 euros per person, include visits of various neighborhoods (the 10th, 11th, 13th, 18th and 20th), workshops, artistic spaces, jam sessions and concerts for Paris’ underground artists, a drink and cake is also included.

Even their artistic web site is worth a virtual detour:

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