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Hiphophostels is the founder and specialist of the traditional youth hostels « à la française ». But what does it really mean?

What is a youth hostel?

The concept of youth hostels is still largely misunderstood in France. The term generally conjures up images of dormitory housing for young backpackers sporting North Face, searching for authenticity on a small budget. Or people traveling by themselves, avid for encounters, be it for a drink and a nice conversation or to team up with fellow travelers and continue the trip together.

In fact, youth hostels are all the above and much more…

Say goodbye to lonely trips and experience a whole new world of conviviality and warmth: Share a meal in a lively common space, enjoy meaningful and helpful moments with our hosts-welcome team and make new friends in your dormitory or in the lobby.  And if you opted for a private room, trade stories, traveling tips and discover other cultures while enjoying new ways to envision traveling in youth hostels in Paris.

Did you know ?

The very concept of youth hostels was created in Germany after the war. The French soon followed the German example, in an effort to better understand the cultural differences between the peoples. The idea was that after the atrocities of the war, people needed to get to know each other better, to see beyond their prejudices and overcome their fear of the other…

The hostels « à la française » : our story

The first youth hostels “à la française” was founded by two brothers in their twenties. They had learned the classic methods of the hotel business from their parents in the 80’s and had but one dream: to invent a more fun and affordable new concept that would revolutionize the hotel industry. Their genius idea was simple: to allow visitors to discover more of the Paris that they themselves loved, in a warmer and more convivial setting, far removed from the luxurious and plush romanticism of the traditional hotels.

Their « French-style hostel » was an invitation to an adventure of discovery, affordability, and conviviality, in a comfortable and warm setting that offered both an intimate atmosphere and the chance to create authentic and genuine human connections.

Why this style of youth hostel is typically French?

First of all, the French are not fan of superficial encounters. The mere idea of going for a quick bite while driving or on the run is inconceivable. And guess what? They don’t believe in TV dinners either. 

No. Being French means taking time to savor food and relate to one another, to sit down together as a family or with friends, several times a day like a ritual. It is more than just about ingesting calories, it’s about sharing a meal in a calm and warm setting while enjoying each other’s company and discussions.

And so the two brothers quite naturally envisioned their establishment to fit their own worldview. A worldview which embraces friends, acquaintances and family members the exact same way; by welcoming them into their home, their youth hostels in Paris, really listening to them, sharing their meals as well as their ideas, all the while giving them free rein of their kitchen, their living and dining rooms.

It is exactly what the hostels « à la française » are all about, and you now understand why they are more than just a place to put down a backpack or drink a cheap beer.

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Why choose HipHopHostels?

French Style

A subtle mixture of comfort, irreproachable hotel services and conviviality, sharing, world-wide encounters.


At exceptionally low prices for a city such as Paris, which is as beautiful as it is expensive starting from 14,50 euros a night!

At the heart of Paris

With locations in central Paris in lively, quintessentially parisian neighborhoods: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Belleville, Convention…


Our team is made up of Paris-loving travelers. They ready to help ,share traveling tips, sights off the beaten path and stories 24 hours a day.