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Hiphophostels is the story of two brothers who grew up on the ground floor of their family’s hotel, globe trotters, out-of-the-box-thinkers, their heads full of projects and an unquenchable desire to change the world. Each year when their parents would take a summer vacation, and, at the age when, left alone, other teenagers would be planning to party , the brothers would transform their family’s charming two star hotel near the Eiffel tower into youth hostel with backpacks in the lobby, breakfast tables pushed together, and bunk beds stashed in the cellar.

As soon as they reached the age of majority, in 1983, the two eldest brothers decided to strike out and create the first youth hostel “a la francaise” in the heart of the Latin quarter- The Young & Happy using the initials of Youth Hostel- installed, from its inception, their trademark atmosphere: simplicity of human relations, multicultural encounters and authentic decor.

The creation of establishments succeeded one after the other, with for each of them its own of authentic history, like living souvenirs of a time of innocence gone by which one comes back to every time one enters the door. Behind each name,Wolswagen sectioned in half and hung up on the wall,  the 3 DUCKS- owes its name to three real ducks given as a gift by the little sister on the occasion of the opening of the hostel, another name –Aloha- was given after the return from a honey moon in Tahiti…

30 years later it has become a network of more than 20 independent youth hostels and hotels throughout Paris each with its own extraordinary history, individual personality and neighborhood, and yet all sharing the same values.

  • Locations in the center of Paris in lively, quintessentielly parisian neighborhoods: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Belleville, Convention….
  • Irreproachable hotel service : directors with 40 years in the hotel business
  • A friendly, convivial atmosphere, where exchange and sharing are at the center of the experience
  • A human and authentic support structure for those wanting to experience the Parisian adventure with a young, multilingual reception team.
  • A genuine sense of community which leaves the impression of “staying with friends”

Why choose HipHopHostels?

French Style

A subtle mixture of comfort, irreproachable hotel services and conviviality, sharing, world-wide encounters.


At exceptionally low prices for a city such as Paris, which is as beautiful as it is expensive starting from 14,50 euros a night!

At the heart of Paris

With locations in central Paris in lively, quintessentially parisian neighborhoods: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Belleville, Convention…


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