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Perfect for Groups

A specialized team at your service

Whether you are coming to Paris for a trade fair, seminar, student or community trip, bachelorette party or to celebrate Grandpa’s 70 th birthday, HipHopHostels is the right place for you. We have a team who specializes in managing group tours in Paris at your service to advise, facilitate procedures, keep you informed about special package offers, and solutions adapted to your specific needs. Discover the Hiphop experience in one of our 20 “French style hostels and hotels” at the heart of Paris in districts which are as lively and central as Montmartre, the Latin Quartier, Convention or Belleville.
An accommodation which combines perfect locations right in the heart of Paris, services tailored to fit, warm, friendly reception team and convivial common areas starting from 14,50 euros a night, unbelievable? Believe it. Just fill in the attached form, one of our staff members will contact you within 48 hours!

Locations at the heart of Paris

Our hostels and hotels are all extremely well located within lively Paris neighborhoods where cafes, restaurants and shops are plentiful. Less than 2 minutes by foot to various means of public transportation allowing easy access to Paris at large. Live in tune with Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Belleville or Convention during your stay at our hostels. Experience group tours in Paris at large at our hostels at very affordable prices.

The Human Connection

HipHopHostels network was founded by two 18 and 20 year-old idealistic and globetrotting brothers raised in their family’s traditional hotel business. They dreamed of creating a unique hotel environment which would transcend the existing barriers between people in order to facilitate communication and understanding of one another, without distinctions of age, nationality, color, or social status. Their original aspirations, simplicity in human connections and personal contact are still present today in our kitchen facilities, for example, where anyone can prepare a meal at any hour of the day or night, as well as the intimate atmosphere of the lobby and common areas conducive to sharing. Share a meal, a beer, a song on the guitar, a game of foosball or tips on visiting the city of lights. These quality encounters are often kept up with long after the client’s stay via our virtual community on the web thus fostering worldwide connections.
Hiphophostels: we have fun together!

Services adapted to your needs

All of our hotels and hostels propose a typically Parisian breakfast, communal kitchens for the hostels, lockers and a luggage deposit to keep belongings secure, collective or private means of transportation for your excursions or airport shuttle, washing machines. Some even propose a gym, roof terrace, patio, or pub. Just ask one of our group management staff if you have a particular wish or need.
You’ll be welcomed like a friend by our reception team, We strive to accompany our guests with authentic personal contact. Our young, multilingual team have extensively traveled themselves and are eager to share their experience with you. We are passionate about Paris and our passion is contagious: come discover why!

« Thank you very much for your email – we had an absolutely lovely time! The staff were great, the rooms perfect and we loved the location. Most importantly, I wanted to thank you for all your help! Between the conference room and the pub the trip was flawless, so I couldn’t thank you more. Looking forward to staying again next time I am in Paris! »
Chris, de “Triptease”

Our Group Tour package: accommodation/ conference room/ Pubs

Simplify your life and choose from one of our various options. Reserve our services at preferential prices à la carte or as included in a personalized package deal.


Shared rooms (dormitory beds) or in individual rooms. The price range is from 14,50 euros per night to 150 euros per night depending on the hotel/hostel and the level of comfort desired.

Conference rooms

Entirely renovated, fully equipped, and( our little touch), a photo booth, a fun way to capture and personalize the moment.

Our Pubs

We can prepare a party in one of our Pubs including French cheese tastings, quality wine or chilled house cocktails, private concerts and even impromptu dance-parties
We can host your party in one of our pubs...

Contact us

Any questions, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

+33 1 53 20 78 52

Why choose HipHopHostels?

French Style

A subtle mixture of comfort, irreproachable hotel services and conviviality, sharing, world-wide encounters.


At exceptionally low prices for a city such as Paris, which is as beautiful as it is expensive starting from 14,50 euros a night!

At the heart of Paris

With locations in central Paris in lively, quintessentially parisian neighborhoods: Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Belleville, Convention…


Our team is made up of Paris-loving travelers. They ready to help ,share traveling tips, sights off the beaten path and stories 24 hours a day.