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Genius at work

12 December 2017 | #,

If the recent trend towards co-working and co-living is a sign of the times, we are all headed towards a new industrial revolution which has grown out of a desire to re-think the way we work. In this era of facilitated communication and the resulting acceleration of general output, goals are global by default, but motivation must be domestic and individual by necessity. Are we witnessing the demise of fast food chains, big businesses and the mega-marques that have turned our society into a look-alike contest from sea to shining sea?  Time will tell. But one thing is for sure, if the motto behind these places of enhanced community centers is not just another marketing ploy designed to sell a new way of life, they correspond to a basic necessity in the maelstrom of our daily lives; namely the need to re-organize and to replenish the source of our work-force, connecting it to our life-force thus enriching each one.

Suddenly the term “traveling for work” takes on a new dimension. And reaching out to the Other, adventuring into his or her territory suddenly becomes infinitely more attractive, because we aren’t afraid of losing ourselves anymore, google-maps can keep us on our path and the way home is only a velib-ride away.

Co-working Le Regent Montmartre

At Hiphophostels we affirm this trend by providing hostels and hotels to fit travelers needs and desires in context of the re-humanization revolution. This is all part of our local family-based origins.  We uphold the notion that work and play are not only individual entities but can be mutually enhancing under the right circumstances.  The attention we accord to our common areas, chill-out spaces, game rooms, kitchen facilities, seasonal events, high-speed Wi-Fi and choices between private rooms or dormitory-style rooms are just some of our trademarks.   And proof that we are on to something big, we are not alone.

Take WeWork La Fayette, for example. The place breathes well-being and creative vibes from their common “collaboration areas, to their, phone booths, glass cubicles and kitchen, tea room areas, print-out equipment, fresh coffee and paper, to the events that they organize which range from cheese tastings, yoga or digital tech conferences. Staff is present during working hours to inform and guide. Design and functionality have been clearly crafted to facilitate this vital demand. We suggest Le  Regent Montmartre hotel as a good match to this venue, its proximity, location and design would be compatible with the work and play attitude which, if not a sign of the times, is at least a breath of fresh air.

WeWork Lafayette

We Work  La Fayette 33 Rue la Fayette, 75009 Paris

Le Regent Montmartre, 37 Boulevard de Rochechouart, 75009 Paris



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