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This spring in Paris 2020

7 March 2020 |

Don't miss these great exhibitions!

What’s going on in Paris Museums this Spring 2020

Paris in the spring is full of great things to do and see! While March and April aren’t always the warmest monts of the year, a museum might be just the thing. Here is a selection of great exhibitions  to catch and museums to haunt this spring while waiting for the weather to warm up!

Musée d’Orsay James Tissot and the Monsters of Léopold Chauveau.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "musee d'orsay"At the Orsay museum James Tissot is in the spotlight in the first exposition entirely dedicated to this artist of “ambiguous modernity” (beginning March 24, 2020). And beginning March 10,  the curious monsters of Léopold Chauveau are allowed free reign, in the exhibit “The land of Monsters”


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pompei grand palais"

Experience Pompei at the Grand Palais

Pompei explored in 3D.  This exhibit combines technology and archeology in an unique immersive experience. The visitor will see first hand  how the magnificent city was before and the legendary natural disaster as it unfolded all in its horrifying details. March 25 to June 8, 2020.

 Comics and Poetry at the Picasso museumRésultat de recherche d'images pour "picasso"

Two new exhibits which explore the artist’s interest in Comics and poetry. In the exhibit on comics the visitor will revel in the fine line drawings of the artist as he shares his passion for the genre. While in the exhibition on poetry, the relation between poetics and the creative process in the master’s art are brought into the fore.



They say you want a revolution

Well you know…

Flash back to the fertile period of the late sixties when changing the world was the collective goal shared by all. This immersive exhibit transports the visitor back to London, Paris, San Francisco and of course Woodstock during the richly creative and turbulent times of the late sixties. The Beatles said it was “going to be all right”.  Sound familiar?

The Grand Halle de la Villette : Revolutions:  April 22 through August 23 2020.


Musée Jacquemart-André. Enjoy Art and fine decor.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "andre jacquemart museum paris"

If  the Champs Elysées is on your bucket list,  a visit to this delightful museum, in the neighbourhood is a must. Beautifully decorated in grand Parisian style, once here, admire the landscapes of the great English Romantic watercolour artist, Turner,  currently on display in an impressive collection on loan from  London’s Tate museum.   March 13 to July 20 2020.

Night Owls listen up!

If you are planning to be in Paris in May, don’t miss the 16th annual European « Night of the Museums” being held Saturday night May 16, 2020. Take your pick of the multitude of museums in the capital as well as many special exhibitions open until the wee hours of the night. Admission; free!

Nuit des Musées

Saturday May 16, 2020

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