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5 things to do in the Eiffel Tower district

The Eiffel Tower, okay, the whole world knows about the Eiffel Tower and no one needs a reminder that it is on the list of must-sees in France. The « Iron Lady », truly the symbol of Paris, attracts itself millions of visitors per year. Seen from below or perched high above it reigns majestically in all seasons. It is a dream for many, a trysting place for lovers…but did you know that this area in Paris abounds in a wealth of other activities? Here is a list of the top 5 of things to do while in the neighborhood.

Tour Eiffel
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

The gardens of Trocadero

When the weather is nice the lawns of the « Troc » are always a favorite spot, not only to admire the Eiffel tower while avoiding the crowds, but also as a meeting point for a picnic between friends. It is also the place chosen for many concerts and the preferred location from which to admire the 14 of July fireworks. Entry is free, and the gardens with their string of basins one after another leading up to the famous Warsaw Fountain.

The Rodin Museum

You are in the middle of Paris, you exit Metro Varenne or Invalides ad there, amidst the austere facades of the ministry and administrative buildings, nothing prepares you for this green haven…which is indeed how one might describe the Rodin Museum, an oasis of calm in the city dedicated to one of the most famous French sculptors.  Rodin, known for his famous « The Thinker », a timeless statue reproduced ad infinitum, was a master who immortalized the body in motion. Just look at this dancer bending over, you could swear that she is going to stand up before your eyes.

Musée Rodin, 19 boulevard des Invalides, 75007 Paris

Musée Rodin
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

Other museums in the area

The Eiffel Tower neighborhood is teeming with  exceptional museums :

  • Le Musée du Quai Branly,  where you will find a collection  of « tribal art » (non-European art ; Oceania ; Africa)
    Musée du Quai Branly – 37, Quai Branly, 75007 Paris
Musée du Quai Branly
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : David Lefranc
  • The Army Museum or the Musée des Invalides traces French military history from the middle ages to just after the second World War. You will find a rich collection of arms, costumes and weapons used throughout the ages.
    Musée de l’Armée – 129 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris
  • The Palais de Tokyo is the place to go for fans of modern art at the cutting edge. There is always some original exposition being held whether it being sculpture, drawings, photographs or other medias. The Palais de Tokyo is modern thought in movement! What’s more its open late at night, perfect for night owls (closes at midnight), an artsy-chic restaurant (Monsieur Bleu) and a styling cafeteria.
    Palais de Tokyo, 13, avenue du Président Wilson, 75016 Paris. Open from noon to midnight every day except Tuesdays
Palais de Tokyo
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

The Aquarium Cinéaqua

Admire this aquarium’s multicolored fish, as well as some scary sharks… with shows for children and adults.
The way to learn through a wonderful journey for the eyes.

Aquarium de Paris
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Marc Bertrand

The Eiffel Tower, of course…

From atop, the panoramic view is quite exceptional. If you are sportive, you can climb the stairs, otherwise if you are in a hurry you can take the elevator up to the top (cost 25 euro).  If it is crowded you can always contemplate the Eiffel Tower from below, your likely to feel giddy just looking up at its graceful architecture!

Tour Eiffel
© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Stéphane Querbes


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