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The affordable way to see Paris

29 March 2017 | #

Paris is an incredible city that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.

The sights, the food, the sounds, the language; all of it comes together to create the most famous and well known city on earth. With all of this greatness comes an overwhelming amount of things to see and do. All of this can also come with a hefty price tag. Paris does not have to be expensive. If you stay somewhere inexpensive (the Montmarte area is a good choice), walk or take the metro, and if you cook most of your meals then you will be in good financial shape. The next step is how to enjoy the city inexpensively.

How to See Paris on a Budget

Find Inexpensive Accommodation

accomodationParis is not an extremely large city and is easily accessible. There is great public transportation and you can reach anywhere by foot if you desire. With that being said you do not have to stay in the city center. Choose a neighborhood that is inexpensive and quiet. The Montmarte area is a great choice and one of the treasures of Paris.

Walking Tours

Sandman's tour

One of the best ways to see any city is to take advantage of the free walking tours. Of course the tour is not completely free. You must tip your tour guide at the end of the tour. Sandman’s offers great tours that meet hourly by the Fountain at St. Michel (website). These tours are an in depth guide to the city led by art and history experts. You will be joined by other curious travelers and are guaranteed to make some great friends.

Rooftop View of the City

Take the escalator and then the stairs to the top of Galleries Lafayette Haussmann. Anyone can go all the way up to have an incredible panoramic view of the city.  The area is very commercial and full of retail stores but it is worth going to seeing the amazing city from the sky. This rooftop area is rarely crowded and quiet calming. 


Most of the sites and museums are free if you are under 26, a member of the EU states, or have a permissible visa (student and visitor visa are accepted). There are museums everywhere. The fact of how amazing they are does not need to be elaborated. Museums are full of interesting and educational offerings. They are perfect for a rainy or cold day.

Walk the City and See the Sights

The cheapest and best way to see the city is to just walk. The city is safe and conducive to foot traffic. You can walk from anywhere to anywhere and it is of course great exercise. This is the one way that will let you literally see all of Paris. There are no shortage of free things to see in Paris. Just go out there and see the sights and feel the city. When you need a break from the walking and constant stimulation, hop into the cafes located on each street for a cup of coffee. Relax, read, listen to the French conversation, and just be in Paris.

vue d'en haut

View of Paris from La Défense.

So please, get out there and enjoy the city. Everyone deserves truly experience Paris regardless if they are backpackers or luxury travelers.

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