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The best bakeries in Paris

Let’s be clear: There is nothing worse than a bad croissant. Take a second to imagine the following: you are craving a serious snack and you are just about to give into the temptation of a warm, flaky pastry, your taste buds are getting ready in anticipation, when suddenly… utter disappointment, the croissant is either too dry, or too mushy, or greasy or too industrial. Inacceptable! You are not going to waste your time hunting around for another bakery and use up your credit of calories for the day.

The conclusion: when in Paris, choose your bakery wisely or else pay the consequences. From the big brands to the small artisans, learn to recognize a pastry befitting its name!

In the 5th arrondissement and all around town, one of the best chains: Eric Kayser

Twenty-some years ago this excellent bakery elected the peaceful 5th arrondissement as its home base. The success of Eric Kayser‘s Parisian bakeries  has spread throughout the whole of France : today the brand has around twenty stores in Paris and fifteen just in New York! Why are we crazy about this bakery?

First of all, because more than just an excellent croissant and pain au chocolat, this is a baker who knows how to make a delicious baguette or other specialty breads. Forget vacuum-packed white bread, you will finally understand the stuff a real sandwich is made of….

Secondly, because each product is enhanced by touch of originality which begs discovery.  The standard « brioche » is crowned with pink pralines, your run of the mill quiche is upgraded with real short pastry dough, a typical  brownie boasts of being a crunchy and melting experience all at once. A delicacy.

Addresses:  here.

Eric Kayser

Towards Montmartre: Gontran Cherrier

If your path takes you by Sacré Cœur, near Montmartre, don’t miss the artisanal baker Gontran Cherrier. Any time of the day is a good time to make a stop here: pastries and coffee, if you are starting off your day, a gourmet pastry for a sweet tooth in the mid-morning, or a quality sandwich to go for a quick but delicious lunch…There is always an occasion… For the little anecdote; Gontran Cherrier is known for his television series and is the author of numerous books. His croissants, pains au chocolat and viennoiseries with their incomparable pastry dough are worth a tour. For lunch his astonishing « monochrome buns » (one bright red filled with beef and coriander, a vegetarian bun, green with roquette lettuce juice, and a third, black with squid ink with a salmon filling.)

Gontran Cherrier, 22 rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris

Gontran Cherrier

And also:

  • Maison Landemaine,  This chain of 14 bakeries in Paris offer a wide array of different kinds of breads, each one  better than the next (varieties of baguettes, pecan nut bread, chocolate bread, etc) Pastries and savory specialties, impossible to choose just one!
  • Boulangerie BO, A bakery with a vintage store-front, and where quality meets good taste! Their pain au chocolate is irresistible.
    85 bis rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris

Our favorite on the left bank: Dominique Saïbron

Each and every of these renowned bakers merits an ode and Dominique Saïbron is no  exception. This lovely well-stocked boutique is a feast for the eyes but not only. Devastating « brioches », creative macarons, Dominique Saïbron uses only top quality products, to name a few ; butter from Poitou, organic flour, and chocolate from Valrhona. We like to enjoy their brunch and hot chocolate on the premises or brioches and pastries to take out.

Dominique Saïbron, 77 avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris.

Dominique Saïbron


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