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The best guided tours in Paris

Paris is an 105-square mile city with a vast history, exceptional gastronomy and many interesting things to see. The best way to discover this city and its hidden gems is by guided tour: it will give you a good idea of the landscape before heading off on your own to experience the City of Lights. But with the numerous options of guided tours in Paris, it may be difficult to select the best one.

Photo by Pexels

AllTheRooms has compiled a list of the six best guided tours in Paris as rated by tourists. No matter what your interests, there’s a tour on this list for you.

Get a free tour around the city

City Free Tour Paris was created with the help of scholars, historians and local artists, meaning every minute of the 2-hour tour is filled with rich information about the city. Choose between Notre Dame and Latin Quarter Tour, where you’ll walk through the Pantheon and visit Hemingway’s home, or the Montmartre Tour, where you’ll visit the famed cabaret Moulin Rouge and witness the paintings of the late Van Gogh. Reserve your spot in advance.

Photo by City Free Tour Paris

Take the city by night

Learn about Paris’ haunting myths and secret legends on the night tour with Sight Seeker’s Delight. You and eleven others will stroll through the Latin Quarter learning about the city’s less glamorous history and hearing eerie stories told by your well-versed guide. Not only will you leave with an understanding of Paris’ past, but you’ll also have inside knowledge on historical events that few others know about. Book your night tour with Sight Seeker’s Delight.

Photo by Sight Seeker’s Delight

Explore the gastronomy

Taste your way through the Latin Quarter with Flavors of Paris. You’ll head to local artisan shops to sample French cheeses, fresh baguettes, handcrafted chocolates and more. The 3.5-hour tour includes all tastings. Plus, you’ll learn about the city’s best restaurants and cafes to visit during the rest of your time in Paris. Schedule your tour with Flavors of Paris.

Photo by Flavors of Paris


Only have a short time in the City of Lights? Get this 2-day Itinerary for Paris.

Discover Paris’ secrets

Paris Charms & Secrets is a tourist-favorite. This guided tour takes you through the parts of Paris that other tours do not. Sure, you’ll see the well-known sights, like the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower, but you’ll also get a first-hand look into some of the city’s little known spots that aren’t even known by the Parisians. Every place in Paris tells a story and Paris Charms & Secrets will help you discover them all in under four hours. Book your tour with Paris Charms & Secrets.

Photo by Paris Charms & Secrets

Wine Tour

Be whisked away to the wine-growing regions of France on the Wine Enthusiast Tour with Paris Wine Day Tours. You’ll take a day trip outside of Paris to get an authentic tasting experience through several vineyards between Loire Valley and Burgundy. This tour will help you improve your knowledge of French wines as well as taste through a complimentary menu of local artisan pairings. And yes, there will be cheese. Schedule a tour with Paris Wine Day Tours.

Photo by Paris Wine Day Tours

Bike Tour

Bike around Paris with Martin and Friends and experience the city like a local. Martin is a self-proclaimed storyteller and art lover who aims to dazzle you with Paris’ history, hidden secrets and, of course, food. This 3.5-hour tour is available in four languages and includes an electric bike rental. When you take this tour, you’re not just learning about Paris, but you’re making a local friend in the process. Get to know Martin and book your bike tour of Paris.

Photo by Paris by Martin

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