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Brocantes ! [bro-kaunt]

20 December 2016 | #,

As a child, every Sunday, my mother would wake me up early and drag me down to a “brocante”  [bro-kaunt]! I wasn’t a big fan, but year after year, I started enjoying this special treasure hunt! As a grown-up it became a tradition! Alone or with friends, selling or buying, I go every Sunday around 7 o’clock to wander around collecting vintage pieces for my house!

Here is few tips I wanted to share with you!

Have fun!


What is a BROCANTE?

Brocantes are similar to a flea market except that they are temporary. It’s a rare find in the winter due to the very cold weather ! Mostly from March to November, every single parisian can register, pay for one or two square meters and come sell their old belongings; gifts they did not like! furnitures, books, clothes, toys, bags… ANYTHING!

Here is what you need to know!

Wake up early

The early bird gets the worm&the best things go fast! You’ll be surprised seeing how many people are there before sunrise. Fresh coffee&croissant and you’re ready to go!


Have some change!

Vide-Greniers (attic-emptiers, or garage sales) sell items from 20cents to 20euros max and they don’t accept credit cards; always have small change.

Discuss the prices!

Don’t be shy to bargain! If you are not satisfied, come back at the end of the day. The goal of the brocanter is to get rid of everthing so, in the end of the day, they will give you a good price, just make sure it’s not a piece sought over. Otherwise it will go fast!

My friend always finds the best vintage toys for her kid.

Know the vocabulary!

” Chiner ” : ” je vais chiner à la brocante ” means, i’m going to ” look for treasures” at the brocante. Do not hesitate to dig, search, research.


People are not always that organized ! Be a good « chineur » !


How do you know there is a brocante?!

Well if you are lucky, you will run into one since it happens on each and every street in Paris, or find one direclty on this website!

Unfortunatly the website is only in French. Insert your postcode, for example 75014 and see what’s going on!

Bon dimanche !


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