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On a business trip, combine work and pleasure.

26 April 2017 | #,

How to make the most of your business trip ?

Traveling for business, HipHopHostels has planned the best way to work while enjoying. From choosing your hotel, to preparing your conference while building your team through activities, here is our recommendations to make the most out of your business stay and combine work and pleasure.

On a business trip, combine work and pleasure.
On a business trip, combine work and pleasure

Where should you stay? 

As most of the business stays are short, you might want to avoid stress and chose an hotel that have direct access from the Airport, the Eurostar or the Thalys and that as well has easy access to the main transportation inside the city (subway&buses). You can’t allow yourself to be tired, you risk to be less productive.
Book your hotel in advance, settle in and get ready for your next-day meeting.

According to your budget, HipHopHostels offers different types of quality accommodation. Budget hostel, 3stars hostel with « business package », discover a large selection of hostels & hotels in the heart of Paris.

Our suggestions: 

Le Rocroy: The 3* Le Rocroy hotel is the perfect choice to take full advantage of your business stay in Paris. 
Hôtel Avalon: Experience the quality of a 3stars hotel in the center of Paris.
Le Régent: A Boutique Hostel located in the heart of the Montmartre area.

How to chose your conference room? 

When choosing a seminar room for your next conference or meeting, there is more to consider than just the budget. Ask yourself the good question: Does the conference room fit the company’s image? Is the seminar room easily accessible to those attending?  Is the seminar large enough to provide a comfortable experience for those attending? Can they provide refreshments, tea/coffee/meals?

Location, size, availability, facilities, you should think of all the aspects of the seminar room you’ll will decide to chose.

HipHopHostels offers seminar rooms located in the heart of Paris. With a direct and easy access to the main transportation of the city, maximize your stay while choosing quality seminars rooms.

Recently renovated, fully equipped, adjustable, with included services or extra services, join all the facets for a successful conference, discover Les Espaces Rocroy

One of the Espaces Rocroy conference room

How to build your team? 

Team building brings colleagues together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Through a series of fun and motivational activities team building skills conflict resolution, communication, bounding and facilitate discussions and processing, 

Here is a few activities you can do to build your team.

Escape room,
A excellent team building. Locked your team in a room and solve puzzles together to get out. It’s fun and requires community thinking.
Escape rooms have develop through the years, you can chose among different themes. 

Treasure Hunting
Discover Paris from a new angle with games of solidarity play and culture. The team has to roam the streets, answer questions, look for clues and hidden messages and try to solve them. 

Book a cruise on the River Seine.
Book a private cruise on the river and explore Paris from a different point of view. Sharing memories is a strong way to connect.

From cooking, to discovering wine or learning how to dance zumba, an ideal way to build a team is to spend an hour or two doing something different and fun!

Share a great moment.
HipHophostels reccomands you the “On the Road Pub” to share a delicious team moment around the finest selection of beers and fresh french products.

Plan your team work, ask HipHopHostels

Planning your professional events, HipHopHostels has a team dedicated to organize your stay.

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