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Foodie trip to Paris

5 July 2017 | #, ,

1. Macarons

Almost as iconic as Eiffel Tower (or perhaps even more?), macarons are what the French cuisine is famous for worldwide. Two tiny meringue-based cookies made out of egg white,
sugar and ground almonds come in dozens of cute colours with fluffy ganache cream sandwiched between them (and this comes in another dozen of flavours!). Sweet, crispy, light and smooth at the same time – that’s one of a kind experience! Grab some macarons of your choice and stroll down the Tuileries Garden and indulge in its taste whilst overlooking the Louvre Museum. OMG!


2. Croissant

Or any other heavenly delicious pastry – just stop by any patisserie and pick your favourite from piles of crispy goodies you can find there. Choose from croissants, pain au chocolat or
raisins, palmier, torsades pepites and many others! Or stay in a place that serves fresh croissants with tangy orange marmalade for a truly Parisian breakfast – like The Arty in the heart of the 15th district. Omnomnom!


3. Baguette

One of many city’s boulangeries should be a place clearly marked on your city map – there’s no better place to grab a fresh baguette tradition in Paris! Have it as it comes or as a sandwich: with creamy camembert from Normandy, some delicious french mousse de canard (duck liver mousse) or perhaps French traditional ham and arugula salad. Whatever you go for, you’ll be delighted – nothing is more comforting than true French baguette in the City of Love!

4. Snails

That would be your choice in Burgundy rather than Paris, but since you’re in town… Grab yourself a chair in one of the many restaurants and cafes around the city, sit down so you can face the street (that’s what real Parisians do!) and enjoy your quirky meal. Even though you’ll struggle to find the actual taste of a snail (floating in melted butter with tones of garlic – YES!), playing around with the snail-holder and little snail-fork is worth a try. Plus: isn’t it what they REALLY eat here?

5. Wine

Not only snails go well with a glass of wine (well, let’s face it, is there anything that doesn’t go well with a glass of wine?) – grab your bottle of French chardonnay or even champagne in one of the many Franprix grocery stores (they keep them in a fridge AND have a wine opener at the cash register!) and walk along Seine. Or – even better – find a quiet spot to sit by the river and watch people having fun, boats passing by and sun setting down. Isn’t this a truly charming city?

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