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It’s Fall in Paris

6 September 2017 | #, , ,

It’s that time of year again, when the city seems to wake up after some enchanted sleep in August fresh and reinvigorated for the big « rentrée ». That’s the name the French use to call this back to school/work season. School supplies abound, briefcases and crisp fall fashion in the shop windows, seem to herald a back to business attitude but wait, no, we are still in France and in a city where every self-respecting Parisian would never dream of simply putting one’s nose to the grindstone without a few detours. Here is a brief rundown of noteworthy events that are being held in the city this fall:


Heritage Days (Journées du Patrimone)

Because you must know where you come from in order to know where to go in the future.
What : Monuments, museums, and other historic edifices in Paris will be  open to the public, some of them free, hosting special events and guided visits of areas normally closed to the public.
Where :  all around Paris.
When : Saturday  16th  and Sunday 17th  September


The Contemporary Art Festival to keep you up to date with current affairs in the art world.
What: Every year Paris brings together galleries and artists from the international contemporary art scene and latest trends with artists hailing from 25 countries.
Where: Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Tulleries gardens and place Vendôme.
When: Thursday 19th to Sunday 22th October.  Thursday 19 and Friday 20th from 12 pm to 8pm. Saturday 21 and Sunday from 12pm to 7pm.

Nuit Blanche in Paris: For all those insomniacs, out there and for those who aren’t, well, take a nap

What:  Special exhibitions, street art, contemporary art, all night long. The public transportation will be open all night so that you can get around.
Where:  The events will be concentrated around two routes. The first begins at the parc des Rives de Seine progressing towards place de la République via Les Halles. The second route will take place in the neighborhood of La Chappelle and gather around the Halle Pujol.
When: The night of Saturday 7, 8 October.

Villette Jazz festival: live in tune

What: The Cité de la Musique and the Philharmonic Orchestra host this annual jazz festival with concerts designed to please a large range of audiences from young to old. Special events for kids as well.
Where: La Villette, metro porte de la Villette or porte de Pantin.
When: from August 31st to September 13

Vendages Montmartre:  And last but not least: raise your glass!

What: Sacré Cœur and Montmarte will be teeming with excitement and festive events during the wine harvest of the vines on the neighboring hills.
Where: Check out the office of tourism 21 place du Tertre  (metro Anvers) for all locations and various happenings in the area.
When: October 11th through 15th.

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