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May in Paris – part 1

Spring is nature’s way of saying « Let’s party! » said the regretted Robin Williams. And this spring in Paris happenings and ideas for outings are in full bloom. Here’s a few of our favorites at hiphophostels to spring into the city’s atmosphere in May 2018.

Add some jazz to your step at the Saint-German-des-Prés Jazz festival

The must-hear for jazz lovers the Jazz festival in Saint-Germain is tuning up for its 18th season with a program that is sure to please. The Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca will perform at the opening ceremony in the large hall of the Paris 2 University Panthéon-Assas. Indra Rios Moore will follow among others in this rich and varied program with Melanie de Biasio for the closing performance. For more information consult the official site.

The Jazz Festival at Saint-Germain-des-Prés, 2018. Starts Thursday May 24th and goes through Monday June 4.


For night owls: the “Nuit European des Musées”

Culture never sleeps in the city of lights. Literally. On Saturday May 19th the museums are opening their doors with many exciting and innovative events  for free.
An exposition « 
Artists and Robots » at the Grand Palais will be exploring the theme of art in the technological era questioning if is there such thing as artificial creativity, or can a robot compete with an artist? Composer Gabriel Legeleux alias Superpoze has composed a piece employing the singer Stephen’s Eicher’s automatons, will be playing on Saturday night with a prolongation Sunday afternoon the 20th.

© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

And at the Orsay Museum and the Orangerie, Claude Monet ‘s waterlilies are in honor accompanied by two concerts, one, at the Orsay museum « This is a Big Band » for children (from 5 years and up), lasting 10 min and will be held a 8pm, designed to familiarize children with different instruments which make up a « big band ».  At the Orangerie museum the music of Charlie Parker among others will be played.

And surprises are in store at the Petit Palais at nightfall, when works of art will literally come to life!

© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

May 19th, 20th 

Grand Palais, 3 avenue du Général Eisenhower, Paris 8th arrondissement – Metro: Franklin Roosevelt
Orsay Museum, 1 rue de la Légion de Honneur, Paris 7th arrondissement – Metro: Solferino
Orangerie, Jardin de Tulleries, Paris 1st arrondissement – Metro: Concorde
Petit Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, Paris 8th arrondissement – Metro: Champs Elysées – Clémenceau

In the eye of Monet

If the idea of a bucolic stroll over water gardens and flowers of all sorts in full bloom attract you, Monet’s house and gardens are a short trip from Paris. A 45 minutes train ride from Gare Saint-Lazare, you can take a shuttle bus which arrives 15 minutes after the arrival of every train, or you can rent a bicycle for the 7 kilometer (about a 4-mile) ride to the gardens. Once there, take a tour of the perfectly restored house awash with a painterly selection of colors; blues, yellow, creams and browns, in which the eight children of the painter lived in lively harmony. Monet’s impressive collection of Japanese prints adorn the walls and everything seems ready and waiting for the master of the house to adjourn from a day of painting waterlilies and sit down for a leisurely French meal the way only the French know how to do. The graceful surrounding gardens designed by the artist, make up a sumptuous living masterpiece and a welcome change from the city’s urban scene. Open from March 23rd to November 1st, 9:30 am to 6 pm.

84 rue Claude Monet, 27620, Giverny.


A nice place to stay to take advantage of Paris in the spring

Young & Happy Latin Quarter
In the heart of the Quartier Latin, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, between the Jardin du Luxembourg and the Jardin des Plantes, the Young & Happy Latin Quarter is just a few minutes walk from the banks of the Seine.


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