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26 March 2017 |

« Choose a job you love, and you will not have to work a day in your life »

Behind the scenes in our hostels is a team. A team working day and night, putting their skils, their good energy and their creativity to please travelers. 

In France, the world of the Hotel Industry is more than a career, it’s an art. The art of service; a service of quality, which only happy employees can provide. At HipHopHostels we care for our employees as well as our customers.

Meet Iris, the 32 years old manager of the Arty.

Behind the scenes in our hostels is a team.
Behind the scenes in our hostels is a team.

Why did you chose to be a Hostel Manager?

“I have been working at the Arty for a few month only. I’am new in the Hotel Industry.
I was looking for a job where customer satisfaction is the priority and the job at the Arty was exactly about that, here, I’am useful to the travelers, I help them to make their journey unforgettable.”

At the Arty customers are from all around the world! Which language do you speak?

“I speak fluently English and French, but my team is international! German, Spanish, Italian, our customers feel at home!”

What’s your favorite hobby ?

“Without a doubt.. Travel!”

Do you travel a lot?

“A lot? You mean : A LOOOT ! I started traveling right after graduating rom business school.  I wanted to spend some time in an English-speaking country therefore i went to Dublin. After Ireland, I asked for a Working Holiday Visa and flew to Australia. After that, i spent a year and a half in New Zeland and flew to the United States where I visited San Diego, Mexico… From there, I went to South America and visited Peru, Chili and end up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I went to Canada and after a while I felt the need to go back to France on one condition : Find a job where I would still be able to travel.”


I found a job as a Bar Manager for a holiday company, i went to Greece and to Switzerland. After a while, I felt the need to settle down and this is when I found the job at the Arty!

It’s a amazing compromise, I have a steady job but I keep traveling everyday via my customers. I’am meeting the backpackers i was once and I work in the most beautiful city in the world, seriously… What more could i ask for?!

I have a hard question for you… Where was your favorite place ?

“I have seen so many stunning landscapes, amazing neighborhoods…I would say the national parks in the US, they are literally breathtaking. The Grand Canyon is certainly the most beautiful place i have ever been to, I can’t even describe it!”

Grand Canyon

What’s your favorite place in Paris?

Hard question again! I have recently discovered “La Butte aux Cailles” in the 13h district; it’s such a pleasant area, I love to wander in the small streets and sit at a terrace for a drink… It’s lovely.

If i was in Paris for only one day, what would you advise me to do?

“Start your day with the Arty traditional l french breakfast, then walk to the Eiffel Tower, hop-on a river cruise, have lunch at the Tuilleries and spend the evening in Saint Germain des Prés.”

Be the next happy employee of HipHopHostels, apply here!


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