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My adventures in Paris

11 July 2017 | #, , ,

I stayed in Paris twice during my time in Europe, the first time at Le Regent Montmartre and the second time at Le Montclair Montmartre. In the mornings, I would make the most of the hostel breakfast (delicious French pastries, baguettes, coffee and more!) and then set out for the day. I would hop between tourist attractions, cafes and parks.

I had a lot of time to Snapchat my adventures on the HipHopHostels Snapchat account as I ventured around Paris. I also did a lot of journal writing. And here’s a little extract from my journal about my time in Paris …


“We hobble off the metro at Anvers Station, carrying our heavy bags up a flight of stairs. Surrounding us are Parisian locals. They dress neatly and fashionably, making me look down at my sports leggings and Nike shoes and question my choice of clothing.

Eventually we exit the station, and begin to follow the directions to our hostel. We check in and make our way to our room. After dumping our bags, we walk in search of something to eat.

It is now, without the weight of my backpack and with excitement for our time in Paris, that I begin to take in my surroundings. The buildings have a charm you could only find in Paris. Each apartment has a window facing the street and a small terrace. They are buildings in shades of beige, white and grey.

As we continue to walk, we come across more and more cafes and stores. A sign saying ‘Boulanger’ is written on one of them, a window full of breads and pastries. ‘Ahh, Boulanger means bakery’, I think to myself.

One bakery in particular catches our eye and we walk in. Golden pastries, brown breads and rustic baguettes sparkle before my eyes. Scents of the baked goods waft by and we order almond croissants. I take my first bite through the layers of flakey, buttery pastry and feel as though I’m in a dream.

I’m in Paris with my best friend, an almond croissant, and a beautiful warm spring day. I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful.

For dinner, later we decide to purchase a baguette, some cheese and strawberries and sit on some grass at the Sacré-Cœur. From there, we have one of the best views in Paris. The sun begins to set, lighting up the city in a beautiful glow. It’s a moment I want to replay forever.

We wander higher up the stairs where the view becomes more amazing. I can now even see part of the Eiffel Tower. All of a sudden people begin to clap and cheer. I follow their gaze to find what they’re attending to. A man is kneeling on the ground, holding a ring between his fingers. I realise it’s a marriage proposal. The woman holds her hands over her mouth and cries. She says ‘Yes’ and they embrace.

On another night in Paris, I make my way to the Eiffel Tower with a group of friends. We take the elevator up and reach the second level. The sun has just gone down but a shimmer of light remains in the sky. It is here, on the Eiffel Tower at 9pm that I think Paris looks most beautiful. The city around me is covered in lights, making it sparkle like glitter. I capture it on my iPhone and laugh at how dull the image looks in comparison to what I can see before my eyes.

We spend some time walking around and taking in the view just a little longer. Then we make our way down and find some beers at a small store nearby. We return to the grass near the Eiffel Tower and sit down. We laugh and share stories and watch the lights of the tower flicker above us.

Every moment I spend in Paris, I fall in love just a little bit more”


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