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Paris and its 15th arrondissement

So many beautiful things to see in Paris

Oh, Paris! The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Tuileries, the banks of the Seine at sunset … So many beautiful things to see and yet, always too little time to discover them. That’s why you have to come back often, and discover the city differently each time!

I have just returned from a short stop in Paris: my third time in the city of Light! It was at the Arty hostel that I stopped my choice of accommodation. Located in a borough where I had never set foot before, it was the perfect opportunity to discover another facet of Paris.

It happens that there is much to do, to see and to taste in this less known neighborhood! Just a few steps from the Arty, you will find the wonderful George Brassens park. It is in spring that this park is at its most beautiful with its beautiful trees in bloom. The gentle perfumes that float in the air add a little je-ne-sais-quoi to this place already very popular with the residents of the area. Besides, there is something to delight the families as there is carousel, a candy and ice cream seller, and a playground ready to welcome many children in need of fresh air.

There is also the used book market of Paris (Marché du livre ancient de Paris). Every Saturday and Sunday one canfind great classics of French literature, comics of all kinds, and other lesser-known novels and books, making everyone happy! There are also beautiful “vintage” posters, perfect to revamp your house decoration “Paris-style”. You can spend a few minutes, or hours there!

Still in the same district, I discovered the Little Belt (La Petite Ceinture). It is in fact an old railway of 32 km which made the tour of Paris in the years 1850. Closed in large parts to train traffic since 1934, and now invaded by the wild flora and fauna, one goes there today to enjoy nature in the middle of the city! It is in 2013, that part of the small belt of the 15th arrondissement opens to the public, between Place Balard and the street Olivier de Serres. The entrance is located at 99 rue Olivier de Serres (not always easy to find!) And it’s free!

One last suggestion to end perfectly your day: the restaurant Aux 100 Kilos. Located at the entrance of Georges Brassens Park, this brasserie offers a typically French menu at a reasonable price. I stopped there mainly because of the name, because at this place, there used to be the Vaugirard abbey-houses (1894 to 1974), a hub of bovine and horse meat. The “Cent Kilos” owes its name to the common measure of negotiations for butchers and restaurateurs who came to taste and bargain meat here. Interesting no?

As you can see, there is much to enjoy just around your hostel in Paris! Perfect place to stay and discover another side of the city!

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