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Saint Valentine’s day: plan your romantic get-away week-end in Paris

Paris is the ideal destination if you are planning a romantic get-away, especially in winter. In the city which is so full of gorgeous sights, discovering Paris just the two of you with the prospect of cuddling up somewhere warm for the end of the afternoon is very enticing.  Even if Saint-Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to discover the capital, here are some touring ideas for the Montmartre neighborhood which are good anytime.

Meeting point: at the bottom of the “Butte”

Exit the Anvers metro station (line 2) and begin at the Butte Montmartre. You will feel like you have stepped into the heart of a love story the likes of  Amelie Poulan or Moulin Rouge! This is the neighborhood that inspired a song for the film by Baz Luthrmann:

If you want to go for a ride take the funicular, if you are in the mood for some exercise and have good walking shoes, take the stairs by foot. Either way, the trek is well worth the panoramic view of Paris below.

© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Jacques Lebar

Breathtaking views of Paris

To the right the Eiffel Tower, to the left you will easily recognize Notre Dame cathedral. You can have fun identifying the different monuments you see. Just keep in mind that this is the kind of place for pickpockets…

At the top, the Sacre-Cœur Basilica

The Butte Montmartre is one the highlights of Paris. It is here where you can admire and visit the Sacre-Cœur Basilica, with its shinning white domes. This relatively recent construction, was built as a retribution for the French defeat in the Prussian offensive in 1870, which was considered at the time a divine punishment… Inaugurated after the second world war, it is the Christian monument most visited after Notre Dame.

Take a close look at the Sacre-Cœur Basilica as you pass by it on your left: you will notice that you are entering a more ancient part of Paris… You will catch sight of the Saint-Pierre parish of Montmartre, one the oldest churches in Paris (12th century), an example of gothic architecture. It is one of the rare churches to still have a cemetery and grounds.

© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

Small-town atmosphere

Take the luxury of  losing  yourself in these streets without looking at your watch… One feels as though one has fallen into a Balzac novel set  in the French countryside. Houses with gardens, small trees, flower pots, winding streets, you feel as though you have left the city of Paris behind.  A little higher up, rue de Saules, you will even glimpse grape vines… an incredible sight in the middle of Paris!

The « I love you » wall

About ten minutes down towards Place des Abbesses, make the discovery with your loved one of the « Mur des je t’aime ». This work of art, a wall of forty square meters is covered with more than 300 glazed ceramic tiles all declaring « I love you » in 250 different languages. See how many languages you recognize… You will find rare languages such as Inuit or Esperanto as well.

© Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Amélie Dupont

A sweet reward

Any time of day is the perfect time for French pastries, leave off calorie counting for just this one and stop off at the l’Eclair de Génie –  rue Lepic, a pastry shop which achieved its fame in the film, Amélie Poulain by Jeunet. With its seasonal specialties it is quite difficult to choose just one! Between the passion fruit and raspberry eclair or the sea-salt caramels, the choice is tough!


Reserve a chic and romantic hotel without breaking the bank

If you are coming to Paris especially for Saint Valentine’s day here are some addresses from HipHopHostels  to choose from to spend your getaway in a romantic neighborhood!

In Montmartre

Le Village Montmartre – 20, rue d’Orsel

This affordable and well-situated, youth hostel is located in the middle of the Montmartre neighborhood a few minutes from Sacre-cœur with a breathtaking view of the Butte. If you are looking for a young festive atmosphere, and want to meet people from all over the world while still feeling at home, this is the place.

Plug Inn – 7, rue Aristide Bruant

Another not too expensive address in the heart of Montmartre, located between the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Cœur basilica, the Plug-Inn hostel is a sure bet. You will be welcomed by a super reception team who will bend over backwards to make sure your stay is the best. This is the perfect venue for couples who prefer a private room it also offers rooms for 3 o 4 people for groups of friends. as well for groups of friends.


There is no age nor season to fall in love!

Make your reservations!


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