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Quai de Jemmapes

This waterway along the canal Saint Martin in the 10th arrondissement of Paris with shops and cafes on each side of its banks is one of our favorite spots in Paris.

It’s got something for everyone: culture, the cult film “Hotel du Nord” by Marcel Carmé was shot here, and the hotel of the same name still stands (Hotel du Nord bar and restaurant, 102 quai de Jemmapes), shopping, great cafes, cool bars, a decidedly laid-back atmosphere which doesn’t take it itself too seriously.


And if you are in search of greenery, water, romantic bridges built in the “Eiffel Tower style”, quai de Jemmapes has all that as well.

Here are some ways to enjoy this eclectic unique spot

You have energy to burn

You would really enjoy a bike, roller ride or simply stretch your legs in a leisurely walk along the canal when it is closed to traffic from Saturday afternoon through Sunday.

Rent a velib (there are velib stations all around the city check out their map ( or roller skates at the Nomadeshop (metro Bastille – 37 boulevard Bourdon -75004 Paris – tel: – Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 7:00pm – Saturday from 10am to 7pm).


In the mood for a picnic, an open-air feast or simply a relaxing drink along the riverside

If the weather permits you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer outside on the banks of the canal or try Pink Flamingo Pizza (67, rue Bichat) who will give you a pink balloon to bring your original and tasty pizza to enjoy in the great outdoors.


People watching and rubbing shoulders with the elusive “real Parisian” Café Prune (36 rue Beaurepaire).

Why not a boat ride?

Canauxrama and Paris Canal proposes tours of the canal.


Off the beaten path shopping heaven

It’s time to think of some original gifts for the folks back home (don’t forget your neighbor who has been watering your asparagus fern / feeding your pet / collecting your mail while you were out gallivanting): le Comptoir General (80 quai de Jemmapes) which has a bar as well as vintage home wares or Antoine et Lili (95 quai de Valmy), colorful, whimsical fashion for women and children and home decoration .


World fusion food

Fine French cuisine, down to earth vegetarian or exotic Indian, fine cheese, wine and pastries great brunches. A taste of Brooklyn at Bob’s juice Bar (15 rue Lucien Sampaix). Discover the Bao Burger at Siseng (82 quai de Jemmapes) or Bang (112 quai de Jemmapes) which specializes in meat and wine with a decidedly south American flavor. These are only a few of the great spots to dine, snack or sip quai de Jemmapes offers a large choice to please different tastes.



IMMIX galerie (116 quai de Jemmapes – open from Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm and Saturday from 1pm to 10:30 pm). Contemporary mixed image art space along the Saint Martin canal.


Work to get done

Craft co-working space (24 rue de Vinaigriers) a place where you can have brunch or just a café. But also, a co-working space.


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