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Sports and relaxation in Paris

13 March 2017 | #,

Whether you are a serious athlete or just a recreational one, taking a break from museums and burning off some of those croissants with a jog or bike ride can be an interesting way to see Paris.

Berges de Seine: walk the walk


Joggers are a more common sight on the streets of Paris than in the past. And the city has begun to create exercise paths for them.  The Berges de Seine, left and right sides have been closed off to traffic and transformed into pleasant paths for walking and biking following the Seine. There are cafes on land and on boats permanently anchored in place. Have a seat on a deck chair, or picnic tables and spaces to have a birthday party without anyone batting an eye at you. Exercise tracks, hopscotch and hook and pulley walls for kids to climb to their hearts content.  On Sundays there are street musicians and the place tends to get a little crowded for serious runners and bikers, but it is very lively and animated. Berges de Seine: access from the flight of stairs opposite the Orsay Museum and Pont de l’Alma.


A bicycle for you:


Rent a bicycle for a day or a few hours from the city’s Velib’s bike rental locations which can be viewed on their easy to use English web site: P’tit Velib, the child’s size version is a great way to visit some of the greener more pedestrian not-to- be missed sights like the  Jardin d’Acclimatation, you can rent a bike suited to the needs of your child ranging from ages 2 to 8 years old as well as yourself, and the safety helmet for children is included!

 Fancy skating?


For those rollerblading aficionados among you Sundays from March to November the canal banks are closed to cars and open for skaters, pedestrians and bikers too, of course, from 9am to 5pm. On the right bank from Albert 1er tp Quai Henry IV and on the left bank from Quai Anatole France to Quai Branly. And all year round you can visit the lively and picturesque quay de Valmy and quay de Jemnapes which boarders the Saint-Martin Canal. Every Friday night from 10pm to 1am if it is not raining, there is a major roller happening on the Paris streets for the more experienced and adventurous. Taking off from place Raoul Dautry in the 14th Metro: Montparnasse-Bienvenue. You can rent roller skates at Nomades, 37 ave Bourdon in the 4th arrondissement metro: Bastille. this shop is also the starting point for a roller class for beginners every Sunday morning at 2pm.

 Row, row a boat…

…gently around the Daumesnil Lake in Bois de Vincennes in a rented row boat, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.  for a romantic outing but if you are with a clan you can simply feed the ducks with your left over baguette or take the kids on a pony ride. The Bois de Vincennes is real mine for outdoor activities against its lovely green backdrop, segwaying, trikking , not forget a Mini-golf in the Parc Floral which is situated within the Bois de Vincennes as well.  With its newly redesigned zoo and its aquarium not far this is an ideal spot for nature-lovers and relaxation for the whole family. (web site also in English) 


A bit of Zenitude can go a long way when in Paris.

The Center Qee offers yoga classes and more in their clean and airy studio in the 9th arrondissement of Paris;  39 rue de Chateaudun  Metro; Notre Dame- de- Lorette      On Fridays at 6pm there is a course in English at the time of writing this article. ( for more detailed information in English. 



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