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Travel Blog Workshop

18 May 2017 | #, ,

Photography & Social Media

Starting your own personal blog is quite simple but you will need a couple of key things to help easily kick start your own little project.

When I first started Carrie Project, I used:

1 – A simple (+free!!) WordPress template
2 – A camera (doesn’t have to be professional) just one that can be used to capture your adventures
3 – The passion and enjoyment of creating your blog

With these 3 things, there is absolutely nothing else more you will need to start. Always remember that your personal drive to create your blog will be the foundation on what your outlet could potentially grow to.

Social media is such a huge part of our lifestyle and lives in today’s day and age. You would be surprised how much of an influence it has, it could even land you your next future job! Creating an online presence that resonates with other people is probably one of the most important ways in connecting with others. And really the only tip I can give you for that is to simply be yourself! And yes yes…

I know what you’re thinking. Well, there’s so much other bloggers out there, why should I even start? And yes that is true but there would never be a platform identically the same because you are you and no one else in the world can create what you put your ideas into.

Travel photography and social media go hand in hand in starting your own travel blog. And the last thing I want to say is to really just enjoy it. If you genuinely and passionately love doing it, I can guarantee it will absolutely show through your content.


Carrie Project & HipHopHostels

I’m looking forward to seeing new travel blogs out there. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, collaboration ideas, or just to chat! Always down for a nice chat.


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